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And check out this GLOWING review from  the Children’s Bookwatch, April 2022 issue from the Midwest Book Review

Deb Greenberg
Play along with Kodie the curious kitten and his new friend Bella the friendly squirrel. Their playday teaches them some important lessons when they stray too far from Kodie’s yard, then head in different directions while looking for each other. If it wasn’t for having learned his address and phone number, Kodie might still be scampering around in search of his parents. This rhyming tale is the perfect avenue to educate kids about safety, friendship, and responsibility. (Ages 2-6)


Sylvie Bordzuk was recently awarded Outstanding Creator Awards for her two books:
The Adventures of Kodie and Bella (with illustrator, Alex Crump):
  • 1st Place: Best Children’s Book of Winter 2022
  • 1st Place: Illustrated & Picture Books – Short
  • Honorable Mention: Best Book Cover
Mystery at Sea- A Noah’s Ark Tale:
  • 2nd Place: Best Children’s Book of Winter 2022
  • 2nd Place: Illustrated and Picture Books – Short



Sylvie Bordzuk is the author of two children’s picture books (pictured above). She also writes stories of remarkable experiences she has had personally or been privileged to witness or hear as well as poems. You can read what she has posted so far on the “Blog” tab of this website.

She would love to hear from you with your review of her writings and any other comments you may have. She is also available for Author Visits at schools or libraries (via Zoom anywhere, or in person on Long Island, NY) to read her books to groups of children.

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