Reviews: “The Adventures of Kodie and Bella”


Book Review from Midwest Book Review

Book review from Midwest Book Review

Play along with Kodie the curious kitten and his new friend Bella the friendly squirrel. Their playday teaches them some important lessons when they stray too far from Kodie’s yard, then head in different directions while looking for each other. If it wasn’t for having learned his address and phone number, Kodie might still be scampering around in search of his parents. This rhyming tale is the perfect avenue to educate kids about safety, friendship, and responsibility. (Ages 2-6)


Book Review from the Outstanding Creator Awards

Book review from the Outstanding Creator Awards

Score: 94/100 (9.4 out of 10)- Children’s Illustrated Books

When it comes to finding a cute, simple, rereadable book for young children, it doesn’t get much better than “The Adventures of Kodie and Bella” by Sylvie Bordzuk! It’s borderline perfect in those regards. Your kids will be wanting to read this with you over and over again!

It is no understatement that this book and its characters are absolutely adorable! The illustrations by Alex Crump are great for the purposes of this book. The same can be said about the writing.

Just flipping through the pages is enough to put smiles on faces. It makes your heart laugh and sing to see the happy, smiling faces of the anthropomorphic animal characters. We’re happy when they’re happy, sad when they’re sad, and curious when they’re curious. We’re emotionally invested in them the same way we’d be emotionally invested in our own pets.

Kodie and Bella have tremendous chemistry. In the parts that the characters are not together, we’re just on our feet cheering for them to reunite, and we’re sure kids will be too!

There are also no shortage of great characters and moments when parents and teachers will be able to prompt questions like “What kinda animal is this?” or “What is he thinking about?” or “What did they find?”

The author must really understand children and children’s books. One of our judges has taught for 14 years including seven years as a preschool teacher. He says that the way that the sentences are structured and how simple the rhyme schemes are make for ideal reading for ages 2-7. Children don’t want to be hit with a huge block of text. They want to see the beautiful pictures and pick up on the patterns in the language. That’s why songs and nursery rhymes work so great with that age.

Apparently, Kodie and Bella are based on the author’s own cat and a squirrel in the neighborhood. You know what they say: the best things are based on reality. This definitely comes across as inspired. This book is fun, imaginative, and utterly adorable! We highly recommend it for parents and teachers of children ages 2-7!

We just can’t wait to hear more about the continued adventures of these two cute characters!

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Hit with my Student! She loves both Sylvie Bordzuk Books!

I’m a virtual piano teacher, and sometimes with youngest students I read a story during their lesson to capture and keep a young student’s attention. We need to switch things up a little, before returning to the lesson at hand. The Adventures of Kodie and Bella does just that. It’s a fun story that instantly engages children. It has wonderful illustrations, and easy to understand lessons about the importance of friendship and safety that young ones can easily enjoy. I bought this book after having similar success with Sylvie Bordzuk’s book, Mystery at Sea. I highly recommend both Bordzuk books. I’m giving them as gifts to my young students, since they have been requested to be read again and again.

5.0 out of 5 stars The solution to a serious problem for Kodie

Poor Kodie didn’t have any friends until he met Bella the squirrel. Bella convinces Kodie to leave his yard without permission. Kodie knew his address, so his friends and neighbors were able to help him get home.

The book teaches the importance of following the rules, and the author uses her charming rhyming style to make this serious topic fun to read over and over again.

5.0 out of 5 stars a sweet and lovely book.

Beautiful in every way.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun Fun Fun

What a great Children’s book! My son wants me to read it to him every night!

5.0 out of 5 stars My children love it!

My 5 and 2 year old children love this book. I discuss the lesson with my oldest and the younger one loves the animation and the animals. I would highly recommend.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story about best friends !

This is a great story about a kitty and his best friend, a squirrel. I enjoyed reading every page of their adventure and wanted more! The story is heartwarming and fun. Readers will find lots to love about this story. I’m a cat lover and animal rescue person too and appreciate the kindness the author expresses and hope readers will open their heart to animals in need too.